Split PST Files

Are you experiencing slow performance of MS Outlook.?
Facing difficulties in sending and receiving mail?
Large size of PST file?
Not able to split large PST files?
Facing Slow Performance of Outlook

If you are facing the problem of Slow performance of outlook application then the whole scenario arises due to having large sized PST file.

MS Outlook holds large volume of data, due to the rapid increase of Business and personal communication and information. Whenever PST file get oversize, hard disk takes time to open, edit or save file and This decreases the performance of Outlook application and thus it prone to be corrupted very soon too.

Problem with large PST file

  • Problem with opening or accessing files.
  • Problem with sending or receiving emails.
  • Problem in adding data in file.
  • Synchronization issue with Outlook.

If you are facing such kind of problem then try to reduce the size of PST file. Split large PST file to the smaller one. In Outlook there is an option to crop the size of PST file. Crop utility inbuilt tool is used to reduce the size of PST file but, there is a limitation with this that it reduce 25 MB size of PST file by deleting some items from the file. Hence there is a risk of data loss.

Secure and safe solution to split PST file is by using this prominent and professional utility. Tool simply split large PST file to smaller one without the loss of data. It works to reduce size of file and improve the performance of application.

If you are the user of Outlook version 2002 or earlier, you encounter with the issue of 2GB. It means, beyond the size of 2GB, PST file start performing slow or it makes file delicate to be corrupted. This is concerned with large PST file. But if you are user of Outlook 2003 or later version then there is no problem regarding 2GB but there is an issue regarding 4GB or Oversize PST file. Overall, user of any Outlook version needs to split PST file to save it from corruption and data loss and to improve the performance of Outlook application whenever it gets oversize.

Key specification of Software

  • Safely and equally divide PST file.
  • Split Oversized PST files into smaller one.
  • Included with the option to split PST file by Folder or Size.
  • Safely store it at the same location.

Steps to Split PST file using this software

  • Launch the software.
  • Click Select PST file button.
  • Click Open.
  • Now find the PST file, Click Find PST File button
  • Specify the Search Options and then click Start.
  • By default saved divided file to the same location that of the original file. But you can also change the location of saved file–
  • Click Change Destination Path button.
  • Find the location and click Split PST File.
  • You have two options either By Date or By Email.
  • In two different ways you can use By Date option
  • In the last month(s) field, specify the number of months.
  • Or from between and and fields specify the exact duration.
  • If you want to recover all mails received within the specified number of month then enter number of month in By Date option.
  • In this option, if you chooses to enter the exact date in the between and and fields, then you are able to recover mail which are received within these time duration.
  • If you want to recover mail or Split PST by mail id option.
  • If you select the mail id to split the file, then all the mails of the selected users will be repaired.
  • After selecting the appropriate option to split the file, click OK to start the split process.
  • This way, you can save your PST file from corruption and improve the performance of PST file. User friendly interface and self explanatory guide helps any user to use it easily without having any kind of problem.

User Guide: How to Use Software!

Install the software with quick installation wizard. Just follow the wizard to successfully install the Split PST File software. No need to Worry! Your Outlook.pst file is in the hands of professionals.

Step 1 – Launch Split PST File software from the desktop shortcut and select the over sized PST file.

Step 2 – Once you have selected the PST file just click on ‘Start’ button to start the scanning process.

Step 3 – Using its advanced and powerful algorithm Split PST File scans the entire PST file.

Step 4 – Once the scanning process is completed, Split PST file software will preview all the recoverable components.

Step 5 – After viewing the lost folder in the recovered item list. Go for the Licence key to save the pst file.