Divide PST

  • Does dividing the PST file will resolve its oversized issue?
  • Is it necessary and important to divide PST file at regular basis?
  • Looking to divide PST file to improve MS Outlook’s performance?
  • Does Divide PST software will effectively divide the PST file without any data loss?

Microsoft Outlook is a great application which uses PST (Personal Folder) file to store the contents related to the e-mails, calendar items, contacts, journals, notes and other important data. Almost all versions of MS Outlook use same kind of PST file but as a fact MS Outlook uses two different formats of PST files i.e. Unicode (standard format which is able to represent all kinds of characters) PST and ANSI (American national Standards Institute) PST. These two kinds of PST files are quite different from each other in terms of limitation of file size and the way they manage data in the PST file. But the issue of oversized PST file is still there with both the forms of PST file and to get rid of this issue divide PST file is needed.

Here is the brief information of two types of PST files about its file size limitation, its uses, common problems and flexibility that they offer.


Use – Used with MS Outlook 97-2002, HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) and IMAP4 (Internet Message Access Protocol version 4) accounts of MS Outlook 2003.
File size limitation – 2 GB.
Flexibility in file size – Hard Core limit, un-configurable.

Unicode PST –

Use – Used with Outlook 2003 except in HTTP and IMAP4 accounts, Outlook 2007.
File size limitation – Default 20 GB.
Flexibility in file size – Can be configured by registry edit utility.

MS Outlook PST is never recommended with considerable size because such file becomes very prone to several issues. Some of them are mentioned below –

  • Damaged PST or corrupted file vulnerability especially with ANSI PST.
  • Management problem with the data.
  • Issues related to problems.
  • More time consumption in typical operations like restoring and importing.

Since user keep on receiving data in their Microsoft Outlook, the size of the PST grows to its maximum which need to be reduced in order to avoid some serious issues. Some of the actions which need to be done to reduce PST file size are as follows –

  • Compact PST file.
  • Delete unnecessary e-mails.
  • Archive old e-mails.
  • Divide PST.

User can easily split PST file by using any third party PST file split application. Divide PST is a great tool which effectively split up PST file into several smaller files in a single attempt without any data loss or inconsistency.