How do I split a PST file?

  • How can I split PST file?
  • How to use Stellar Phoenix software to split oversize/larger PST file?
  • What are the steps to split PST file?
  • Is it secure to use Stellar Phoenix software for Outlook PST split?

With the rapid increase of communication, as time grows your Outlook PST file expand radically. Due to the large size of PST file you experience some problems while accessing Outlook for any operation. You feel slow response from MS Outlook. You get the slow speed in many operations like moving, sending and receiving e-mail, search etc. if you are using old versions Outlook (2002 or earlier) then remember that Outlook old versions don’t support file size more than 2GB, if it extend then it catches the risk of corruption and sometimes crash of Outlook. In newer version size limit is not the problem but oversize of PST file decrease the performance of Outlook. In these situations you need to split PST fie in to smaller one. But most of people have question –“How do I split PST file?”, because there is not any specified tool by Microsoft which help you to Split PST file in advanced way.

Here is the answer of “How do I split a PST file?”- You have to use third party software to split large volume PST file in to smaller one. This tool is simple but very powerful. Software performs the fast and secure process of splitting of PST file. It doesn’t affect any other file and without altering the contents of file it equally split oversized PST file. Now you can mange each PST file individually with MS Outlook and your Outlook now can work properly. Now you can mange both Outlook and PST effectively. It is enriched with great features.

Steps to Split PST file using this software:

  • Install the software.
  • Run the application.
  • Click Select PST file button.
  • Navigate to the file, select it and click Open.
  • Now find the PST file.
  • Click Find PST File button
  • Specify the Search Options and click Start.
  • By default Split file saved to the same location that of the original file. But If you want to save file at your desired location then –
  • Click Change Destination Path button.
  • Navigate to the location and click Split PST File.
  • Now you can choose the file either By Date or By Email.
  • You can specify By Date option in two different ways.
  • By specifying the number of months in in the last month(s) field.
  • Or by specifying the exact duration from between and and fields.

By Date option if you enters the number of months in in the last months option, then all the mails will be recovered, which are received within the number of months specified in the field, from the current system date.

    • In By Date option, if you chooses to enter the exact date in the between and and fields, then all the mails will be recovered, which are received within the specified time duration.
    • Just check the Mail Ids of the users, whose mails have to be recovered and split the file using By mail id.
    • If you select the mail id to split the file, then all the mails of the selected users will be repaired.


    In this simple way you can split PST file safely. Before starting software, please close all windows of MS Outlook. If your PST is corrupted due to the exceeding limit of 2GB please install Microsoft Outlook 2003 before repairing your PST file.