Oversize PST files splitting software!

  • Outlook responding slow due to Over size of PST file?
  • Not able to manage Outlook efficiently?
  • Facing difficulties while accessing MS Outlook?
  • Need a tool to Split oversize PST files securely?

If you are using MS Outlook 2002 or earlier version of it then it might be possible that you face the problem of Oversize PST files. whenever the size limit of PST file grown up to 2GB or extend the limit (different in different version) then there may be risk of corruption and also you will not able to open or load any more or you cannot add any new data to it, performance of Outlook slow down and you get many error messages from Outlook like:

“Unknown Error, Error Code: 0x80040116 “
“Errors have been detected in the file <file_path>. Quit all mail-enabled applications, and then use the Inbox Repair Tool.”

This is called oversized PST file problem. MS Outlook doesn’t work properly and you will not be able to perform any outlook operation easily like search, moving, sending/receiving any mail etc. In this situation you have to reduce the size of PST file by splitting PST file. Microsoft has not any tool to correct this problem in advanced way (limited only). You have to use the third party software to split PST file. There are many oversize PST file splitting software available in the market. Use that software and split large volume PST file into smaller one. In this way you can save you PST file from corruption and can improve the performance of Outlook.


Oversize PST files splitting software is powerful but easy to use. If you belong to the non-technical background then also you can use this software without any problem because its user friendly interface is so simple and intuitive that it will help you most. Only few clicks are required to complete this process. It is very simple. Software split PST file in such a way that divided file will not get any alteration in their data. This utility has read only and non-destructive nature so that while completing the process, it does affect any other file. Oversize PST files splitting software split large PST file into small one and split PST file can be treated individually and can be manage individually in MS Outlook. Now you can work properly with your MS Outlook once again. Due to oversize of PST file outlook may crash or PST file may get corruption. Try to split large PST file before it could get chance of corruption or Outlook may crash. Download Oversize PST files splitting software to split Oversize PST file to save data and to improve performance of Outlook.

You may get the risk of corruption due to large size of PST file so it would be good for you to split PST file which is larger in size in to small size of PST. It saves your PST file to being corrupted. Now you have no risk of losing your any data. You can now mange PST files properly and again you can start working smoothly with your Outlook.

Features of Oversize PST files splitting software—

    • Easily split oversize PST files in to smaller one.
    • Divide PST file equally and safely.
    • Split PST files are free from each other and work individually in the same manner.
    • Also recover and restore damaged and corrupted PST files.
    • Recover and restore corrupted and damaged PST objects like e-mails, notes, calendar, contacts etc.
    • Support all sized PST file.
    • Support MS Outlook 2007/2003/2002/XP/2000 or 97.
    • Very fast and easy process of splitting.
    • Recovers lost password of PST file.
    • Also recover lost password of e-mail account.
    • Constant update is available.