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How to divide (.pst) file in two PST files?

How to divide (.pst) file in two PST files? ?

I have 3.2 GB of PST file in MS Outlook 2002 which is giving “out of memory” error message when I try to open it. After closing the PST file no such issue seems to occur. I have read some of the Microsoft articles which says if the PST file goes over 2 GB it shows abnormal behavior and causes many problems. What are other options do I have? I have run Scanpst.exe and found 25 errors which it repaired and also compact the PST file but it is still huge. So, I am thinking about dividing the PST file into two PST files and moving the data’s into them. But how to divide .pst file into two PST files and is this better way to reduce the size of the PST file?


Answer 1

It is true that when PST file size crosses the 2GB limitation, it causes problem and shows some abnormal behavior. It is because in MS Outlook 2002 and its previous versions uses ANSI file format for the PST file, whose size is limited to 2GB and is not expandable. So, when the PST file size reaches and goes well passed the size limitation error messages and other issues are caused.

Compacting and archiving that kind of PST file is a good move, as it will considerably reduce the PST file size. But after performing the above mentioned task if the PST file size is not reduced at comfortable level then splitting the PST file is a good option. To split or divide the PST file you need to use any third party PST split file application which will effectively split your PST file into the desirable number of PST files. I am sure that your MS Outlook\'s performance will increase considerably after performing the splitting action.

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How to divide (.pst) file in two PST files? ?

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