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How to split Outlook PST file 4GB?

How to split Outlook PST file 4GB? ?

Currently my MS Outlook is working very well, but whenever I try to copy or backup the PST file I get error message which says “there is no space, PST is a 4gig file”. I am using MS Outlook 2003 and I have heard about the oversized issue in MS Outlook 2002 and its previous versions not with MS Outlook 2003. I had compacted the PST file but it has just reduced the PST file size a bit only. Splitting is the only option that comes to my mind but how to split Outlook PST file of 4GB? I want to make the PST file smaller but by keeping the data intact and placing it somewhere, so that I can restore it whenever I feel the need. So, please help me to resolve this issue, any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Does the media you are trying to copy is of format FAT32? Remember, a single file on FAT32 formatted media can\'t be larger that 4 GB. I guess that\'s the cause due to which you need to keep the single file of FAT32 of not more than 4GB. So, you need something that can split the file during the copy or backup process. But before that you can do one thing and that is remove the least important files from the lot and try to reduce the file size initially. Compaction utility can be used to compact the PST file size. If after performing all the procedures the PST file size is not reducing at desired level, then use the only left option and that is splitting or dividing.

PST file can easily be divided using any third party software. Just use any PST Splitter software and split the PST file into several number of PST files as per your need.

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How to split Outlook PST file 4GB? ?

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