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Outlook not receiving emails Scanpst.

Outlook not receiving emails Scanpst. ?

For few days I have noticed some problem with my MS Outlook. And the problem is Outlook not receiving emails. When Outlook is started first time ‘Send/Receive’ works OK and after few operations the receiving stops due to any reason. Sending still goes but receiving is just times out. When I tested it with Outlook Express by creating the same address account, it worked fine. I was simply stumped. There are 3 email addresses that my MS Outlook is picking and problem is there always. Please provide any advice, comment or help to resolve this issue, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Well, MS Outlook exhibits this type of behavior sometimes. Just make sure that your MS Outlook is not set to send and receive messages or emails automatically because this might be the reason of your MS Outlook\'s abnormality. Actually ISP (Internet Service Provider) limits the number of times server can be contacted within a given time frame like per day, per hour etc. That\'s why your MS Outlook works first couple of hours and then goes timed out. So first check it out. If the issue is not as it is been presumed, then try to reboot the computer into the safe mode with network and see if it works in the safe mode. If it does not then it must be probably some sort of security program/spam filter related issue which is going fritz and blocking the email in the MS Outlook, so get it correct and I am sure your problem will disappear.

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Outlook not receiving emails Scanpst. ?

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