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PST file over limit 2gb how I solve it?

PST file over limit 2gb how I solve it? ?

I am using Outlook 2002 application of Microsoft for quite a long time, to manage and co-ordinate my works properly. But for few days I am getting some performance related issue with it which I didn’t encountered before. When I searched about the issue on the internet, I explored that my MS Outlook is exhibiting this kind of behavior because either it has reached or about to reach the maximum PST size limit of 2 GB. I also explored that if the PST file goes well passed over 2GB then severe corruption of PST file can happen which can even lead to data loss. But how PST file over limit 2GB can be resolved? I really need to solve this issue because due to this, many of my work are pending. Please help me to resolve this issue. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you.


Answer 1

It is true that, MS Outlook exhibits performance related issues because of its limited PST file. MS Outlook 2002 and its earlier versions supports ANSI format of PST file whose size is limited to 2GB and is not extendable. So, when the PST file size reaches closure to or get well passed this size limit the abnormal behavior is caused.

In extreme cases due to oversized PST file data loss is caused but only sometimes. To resolve this issue you need to reduce the PST file size and there are many ways to do so. As a first step, delete or remove all the useless files from your PST file and see if its size decreases. After that use the compaction utility to compact the PST file size and notice if the PST file size is reduced. After performing the discussed activities if the PST file size not reduced considerably, then you need to split the existing PST file. Just use any Split PST software and divide the PST files into your desirable numbers. I am sure this will surely solve your oversized PST issue.

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PST file over limit 2gb how I solve it? ?

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