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How to split MS Outlook 2003’s PST file?

How to split MS Outlook 2003’s PST file? ?

I have been using Outlook 2003 for quite a long time. This application is simply great to manage and coordinate the personal and office works. Everyday hundreds of e-mails and messages come to my Outlook account from four different email accounts that I manage with ease. But from few days my MS Outlook is showing some abnormal behavior. It freezes sometimes and becomes non-responsive due to which I have lost some important mails. Even if I know about the oversized issue of PST file but that is with older versions I guess. The size of my PST file is about 4GB and I don’t know if it is the reason of the problem. Please help me out to get rid of this PST issue. Any suggestion, comment or help will be appreciated, thanks in advance.


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Well, that is right that size of the PST file in MS Outlook 2002 and its earlier versions is limited to 2GB. But with later versions this limitation has been removed because the later version of PST file use Unicode format which provides more flexibility to the users for storing more data as the PST file size is now not limited. Since you are using MS Outlook 2003, I don\'t think the size of the PST file is an issue. But the conditions and symptoms that you have elaborated is of PST size issue. As you have mentioned that your MS Outlook\'s PST file size is of 4 GB, so first try to lower it down. Delete the unwanted mails and other documents from the PST file and compact the PST file. If the PST file is lowered to a considerable label then it\'s ok and if it is not then use PST Splitter Outlook 2003 software and split the PST files into your desired numbers, so that the each PST file should be less than of 2GB. I am sure this will surely solve your problem.

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How to split MS Outlook 2003’s PST file? ?

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