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How can I split 13GB Outlook PST file

How can I split 13GB Outlook PST file ?

My PST file of MS Outlook has grown big as 13 GB due to which I have encountered some Outlook related issues like error messages, performance issues, data loss etc. I have deleted the unwanted and useless mails and messages and also compacted the whole PST file. But the PST file size has been lowered to few MB only. I don’t know how to split the 13 GB Outlook PST file, so that my MS Outlook should start working properly again. Please help me to get rid of this issue. Any suggestion and help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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p align=\"justify\">Look as you have already performed the task of useless file deletion and compaction and not effective has happened, then the only way left to make your MS Outlook functional again is by splitting the large PST file into several smaller. This can be done by using any third party split PST software that will effectively split the PST file into number of PST files without data loss and hampering. So, just go with this I am sure that your problem will be solved.

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How can I split 13GB Outlook PST file ?

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