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How do I divide large PST without opening them?

How do I divide large PST without opening them? ?

MS Outlook is a great application that I have ever worked with. It is a great manager which perfectly manages the emails, messages and other things stored in it. But in my case the situation is little different. My Outlook is not allowing me to open the PST file to perform any task. I guess its size has crossed its maximum file limit due to which it is behaving like that. So, the answer to this problem is very simple and that is lowering the PST file size that I know but the application is not opening what should I supposed to do. How do I divide the large PST file without opening it? I am totally blank; please help me to get rid of this issue. Any help, suggestion and comments will be greatly appreciated, thank you.


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Well, you have guessed correctly that the issue is related to the PST file because MS Outlook exhibits this kind of behavior when its PST file size comes closure and gets well passed it. But as you have described that MS Outlook is not opening then I am sure that MS Outlook is chocked due to oversized PST file. Since the application is not opening then it\'s quite certain that less important files and e-mails neither be deleted nor be compacted, so other we have to find the other way out and the best option is to use any third party software. The software will take the path of the PST file and then will automatically divide it into the desired number of separate PST files without any data loss and data hampering. After that I am sure that your MS Outlook will function properly and no issue will be caused.

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How do I divide large PST without opening them? ?

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