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How to resolve “Out of Memory” errors in MS outlook 2007

How to resolve “Out of Memory” errors in MS outlook 2007 ?

I work with Microsoft Outlook 2007. While working I noticed that the Outlook is working very slow and when I was trying to open any application it was behaving abruptly and showing an error message “Out of memory or system resources. Close some windows or programs and try again”. When I discussed about it from friends they told me the problem is arising because of oversize PST file or when the computer is short of resources. And they suggested me to split the large size PST to small size or delete the unnecessary messages and compacting PST file. Can you suggest me any software which will help me to split the PST file?


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Yes, your friends have told you the accurate cause for occurring of errors in the Outlook PST file. The “Out of memory or system resources” error in MS Outlook is the cause of large or oversize of the PST file. This error can only solve by splitting the large PST file into the number of small PST file. The split of any PST file in only possible by a software named as the “Split PST file”. The Split PST file is the advanced utility which is designed to split the outlook PST file on the basis of email ID and messages date. It helps to split the oversize or large PST file into unlimited small size PST file, which can be directly imported into the Outlook.

The large size of the PST file cause the slow performance of the Outlook or problem in sending or receiving any email or messages. When the file was splitter, the software ensures the better performance of the Microsoft Outlook. The split PST file is a comprehensive software which also provides the options to repair a damaged PST file. The software is highly compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2007 along with the 2003, 2000 and 2002 along with the Windows 98, ME, Vista , XP, 2000, 2003, NT and Windows 7 operating system. The split PST file is a best software solution to get rid of error messages and slow performance of the Microsoft Outlook due to the Oversize or large size of PST file.

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How to resolve “Out of Memory” errors in MS outlook 2007 ?

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