ANSI PST file size issues in Outlook!

Microsoft Outlook plays an important role for the business users as management of personal information. The personal information includes all the information such as emails, messages, tasks, journals, attachments etc. Outlook use the Unicode or ANSI file format to store in PST file but both has different size limitation. The Unicode has the 4GB and ANSI has 2GB. As we are talking about the ANSI file format, the error occurs due to the 2GB file size limitation and due to increased file size limitation for the users who can not keep a regular track of errors. In ANSI, the PST size becomes over 2GB in size then the file is vulnerable to corruption risks and various ANSI PST file size issues. Therefore, the users ask to go for the split PST file.

With the error of size limitation, the users have to also face the other problems related to PST file such as:

  • The users of Outlook can face the poor performance while trying to access the large size PST file. The PST file above the size of 4 GB can display the short pauses while accessing and the frequency of theses pauses can increases when the size of file is going on increasing the size and at last it will cause the corruption of file which will delete the data from the file.
  • Considerable, requirement of time when the user restore from a backup of such PST.
  • The issues occur at the time of management of personal information.

Therefore, the users of outlook are recommending to store the data of PST in different PSTs which will help to avoid any issues related to PST file. The next thing is to delete the undesired and unwanted messages from a PST. If still the users face the ANSI PST file size issues, then the users can use the split PST tool to get rid from any error messages. The split PST is the advanced utility which helps the outlook users to split the large size PST file into small size PST file. It helps to ensure the better performance of outlook with faster speed. The software is easily compatible and can split the file of Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000. The split PST file offers two criteria to split the file which is by the email ID and by the date.