Resolve Attempting To Validate Bbt Refcounts Error Of Microsoft Outlook Application

Whenever there is something wrong in Microsoft Outlook email client application then several types of error message starts coming on the computer screen. Most of the error takes place due to PST file related problems. “Attempting To Validate Bbt refcounts” error is one of them. It creates lots of problem in outlook application. If you are getting this error message then do not take it lightly. If you do not fix this error message then it may lead to data loss. You can loose your important or valuable e-mails, contacts, notes, calendars, tasks, journals, appointments, drafts etc.

Therefore know how to fix “Attempting To Validate Bbt refcounts” error of Microsoft outlook application.

Causes of “Attempting To Validate Bbt refcounts” error MS outlook:

There are several reasons due to which outlook pst files gets damaged or corrupted. Some of the main reasons are written below:

  • This error message may be caused due to large pst file size

  • If Microsoft Outlook application is not able to find the BBT entry of that file

  • This error message may be caused due to corrupted or damaged outlook .pst file

  • Virus, Trojan, malware may also responsible for this error

How to resolve “attempting to validate bbt refcounts” error of MS Outlook:

In-order to fix this issue you need to perform some steps which is advised here. First of all before performing this step make backup file is pst folder. Now check the file size of PST folder. If it's size is more than the limited size then reduce the size, delete useless items from inbox, empty sent items as well as also empty deleted items folders.

If attempting To Validate Bbt refcounts error is causing due to corrupted or invalid BBT entry then you need to fix bbt entry by reinstalling outlook application. In most of the cases re-installation fixes attempting To Validate Bbt refcounts error. If these all steps fails to fix this issue then use third party split pst file tool and divide the pst file. It may resolve this issue.