Dividing PST file on yearly bases!

Microsoft outlook use the PST (personal storage file) to save its data. But the sizes of the PST file increases with the addition to every email which the outlook users send or receive. With the time, the size of the file becomes so large that it causes corruption of PST files. Therefore the users need to split the file into two or more parts. The outlook provides the option for the users to archive the PST file and save it to the required location. In outlook, archiving of small data files is easy but the problem arises when the email stored in the application is large in size. In such a situation, archive process option can’t solve this problem. So to overcome this problem, the user can go for the effective and reliable third party Split PST file software.

Many users work with outlook in an organization where they have send and receive the hundreds of emails to different clients. On a particular day if the manager told them to create a PST file which contains all the emails of a particular client in a particular year with both send and receive emails then it is very difficult to arrange all the emails in a such a way from the thousands in number of emails. It is realized by user that finding and archiving each mail of a particular client is a long process and will take a very long time which is just wasted of time.

In order to overcome the above problem and if the user want to easily create the PST file containing all the emails of a particular client of a particular year, then the user needs to split the PST file. But simply splitting any file is quite critical and can also cause corruption of PST files. Therefore the users require split PST file software to avoid any such situation like corruption of a PST files. The split PST file is completely non destructive in nature and has the capability of easily splitting the PST files without any hurdle and hassle.

The split PST software allows the outlook users to split PST file as per requirement of the users. Its process is totally safe and works remains untouched and without modifying the original PST files. The software has the user friendly interface which helps to work with self explanatory. It can split the PST file on the basis of date or year of the email ID. The users can easily download it from the internet.