How to fix Error 0x80040116 in MS Outlook 2003

Microsoft outlook is the most common and widely used email client application in todayís era. More than a million of people used outlook and are reliable on it, for managing their very important information. There is no doubt that Microsoft outlook not only made email management easier but also life easier. Outlook comes with lot of features that attracts a user towards it. If you are a long time user of Microsoft outlook then you must be aware of the facts that how outlook works and where the information of a user is stored safely. Microsoft Outlook stores every information of users and its stored data into a structured file called PST files. The PST files are also known as Personal Storage Table which are very efficient for managing userís data safely. With the help of PST file a user becomes able to retrieve any information quickly. But certainly, there are also some limitations and problems with outlook PST files. One of the greatest limitations refers to its storage capacity, if a user data exceeds its limit then outlook starts showing some unexpected errors.

In case of Outlook 2003 the limit of PST file capacity is up to 2GB. If the userís data exceeds more than 2GB then they get an error code: 0x80040116. However, there can be some more situations based upon some other reasons of getting Error 0x80040116. Here, you will find some of the best ways to fix Error 0x80040116 in MS Outlook 2003 but before that you should know some reasons of Error 0x80040116 occurrence.

Causes of occurrence of error 0x80040116 in MS Outlook 2003:

  • Over-sized PST files
  • Corrupted PST files
  • Malicious factors

The best and efficient way to resolve error 0x80040116 in MS Outlook 2003 is splitting. It is possible to split large size PST files into smaller ones, with the help of PST file splitter tool. PST file splitter splits the large size PST files into small sized PST files based upon Email IDs, Folders, Time and Date. Itís simple to use and very effective.

In case of corrupted PST file you can use PST repair tools and make a thorough out scan of your damaged PST files to fix the problem.

In order to fix this Unknown error 0x800ccc0b you can choose any of the appropriate solution. You can make deletion of those mails and PST files those are unused. You can empty up the deleted items folders. Compact pst fie is another way to get rid of Unknown error 0x800ccc0b. It will reduce the size of the PST file. Archiving is one of the great options that can be tried to resolve Unknown error 0x800ccc0b.

Malicious programs can also be a reason for the occurrence of these types of error. So, using a good antivirus make a full system scan to heal malicious threats, if present any.