Resolve Unknown error 0×8004060C in Outlook 2003

Microsoft Outlook 2003 and its earlier versions have a maximum capacity of storing user's data up to 2GB. It can be said as limit of storage capacity of its PST file. In Microsoft Outlook a PST file plays a very significant role, every data that a user stores in Outlook actually gets stored inside a PST file. However, when the size of PST file exceeds more than its total capacity, it starts showing unexpected behavior and a user gets trouble while accessing their important data from Outlook PST which can display error 0×8004060C in Outlook 2003. The Large size PST file can be a reason for Outlook corruption. This also slows down Outlook to an extent. For tackling situations like PST corruption, Microsoft outlook provides a default tool which is known as scanpst.exe or Inbox repair tool which is built for repairing corrupted PST files but scanpst.exe is also not capable of repairing all types of corrupted PST files. And the tool only works when the PST file corruption level is low.

In circumstances of over-sized outlook PST file a user encounters error 0×8004060C in Outlook 2003.

For users having already corrupted outlook PST files, can first use the inbox repair tool and if the inbox repair tool fails to repair the corrupted outlook, you can use a third party PST repair tools available in the application market on the web.

However, for resolving error 0×8004060C in Outlook 2003, the best way recommended is to use PST splitter software and split the large size pst files into two or more small size PST files. This will prevent the chances of Outlook corruption and the situations of the occurrence of error 0×8004060C in Outlook 2003. Splitting PST file is safe and the technique is being used by thousands of professionals these days.

Splitting Large size PST file using PST splitter tool will surely fix error 0×8004060C in Outlook 2003. The software is very user friendly and can be used even by non-regular computer users.