Fix Error 0x40191b in outlook

Microsoft Outlook is one of the best known email clients being used world-wide. Outlook offers great features, thus people like to rely on Outlook for managing their very important data and information. These users information are stored in a PST file which is also known as Personal storage table. Since, a PST file stores data in structured tabular format which means that it keeps data on piling with messages which, increases its size and can lead to several issues such as error 0x40191b in outlook. In case of older versions of outlook you are restricted to store a maximum of 2GB information. However, in the later versions of outlook the limit is expanded up to certain more GBs but the issues with large size PST files are still alive. And that is the reason why it is recommended to always maintain the PST file size. In such circumstances you have to delete some of your undesired email messages. In case of large size PST files, users also become incapable of importing those PST files into outlook. In such circumstances encounter:

“Unknown exception occurred, leaving the Migration process. Exception Address: 0×40191b”

And the reason for this is known to all i.e. Large Size PST files. Now, you might be wondering for any solution to fix error 0x40191b in outlook. If you are thinking so, then there is good news for you. You can fix error 0x40191b in outlook by following the steps mentioned below:

First check the PST file for its physical structure. It is well known that a large size PST file has high probability of corruption. If the file opens, you can delete all unwanted and unnecessary emails from there that are capturing space and leading to large size PST files. If you are able to do so, then it’s ok. If not there is an alternate way that will really help you. And that is splitting a large size PST files into smaller ones. You can do it using PST file splitter software available in the market. It’s easy to use and offers you options for splitting a big sized PST files into smaller ones which lets you import your PST files into Outlook.