Resolve CRC error in Outlook pst file

Users of Outlook are well know about the problems occurred with Outlook PST file. While accessing Outlook PST file you may get various error message. With Outlook PST file many of the items are used to store different types of files and information. Emails, calendar entries, journals, appointments and several other data are saved with the PST file. But sometimes while opening Outlook PST file you will encounter CRC error in Outlook PST file. After having this error your PST file may not be accessible.

CRC is abbreviated as Cyclic Redundancy Check. It is a general technique usually applied to check the error present in PST file. Whenever any error occurs in your PST file it indicates that there is some problem in PST file which needs to repair as soon as possible. It might be quite annoying error for you because it brings many other problems in accessing PST file. Most of the time when you try to copy files and folders to from one computer to another or from old profile to another “crc error in outlook pst” file is pestered on your system. You will get following error in this condition:

‘Data error (Cyclic redundancy check)’

‘Error 0x80040116’

'File pathfilename.pst could not be accessed. Data error. Cyclic redundancy check'

The three primary reasons behind the occurrence of the above mentioned error are:

  • CRC error occurs when the storage media from where you are copying the PST files has bad sectors.
  • Damaged PST file is one of the most common errors of crc error in Outlook pst file.
  • If there is problem of bad sector on the target storage media then you would have to face CRC error.

Virus attacks, malfunctioning of software, improper system shutdown, power failure are some other reasons of such type of Outlook pst error. All these reasons are responsible for PST file corruption and for crc error in Outlook pst file. Before resolving this error code you would have to try and copy the PST file to some other location. It may resolve in this step. You may check the storage media for errors.

However if you are not able to resolve the above mentioned error then you can split pst file. Oversized PST may be the cause of this error and to resolve this condition Split oversized pst file and the problem will be resolved. Split PST software may be used for different purposes. If you have lost your files or the PST file become inaccessible then using this software PST file become accessible and fix crc error in Outlook pst file. So use this user friendly tool and make your Outlook free from error.