Get to Know How to Repair an Oversized PST File

Microsoft Outlook is known as the most popular personal information manager, used mostly by those who send and receive emails frequently. This Outlook application is also known for its basic communication platform because it is embedded with many usable tools like calendar, task manager, contacts manager, notes etc. All these items help the user to manage their daily usable works. The information or email that you store in Outlook actually stored in a database file that is commonly called as PST file. With this file there is the problem of the limited size. When this particular file exceeds the limit of 2GB, 4GB or 10GB then it automatically corrupt. In this situation a big question arises before you that how to repair an oversized pst file.

When the PST file gets oversized then you will get problem while accessing the PST file. In such scenario all your saved information may become inaccessible that might be the cause of data loss condition. You will get slow speed of Outlook and various errors may pop up while accessing the Outlook application. Since the size of the .pst file is limited so due to oversized issue the .pst gets corrupt or damaged and the saved information or data becomes inaccessible. In such case Outlook user think that how to repair an oversized pst file. Following error appears when you go to save some other files in the oversized pst file:

“The file .pst has reached its maximum size in Outlook”

The following error appears when .pst file crossed the limited .pst file size. Though you can repair the corrupted .pst file by using the certain repair tools provided by Microsoft. Inbox Repair Tool can be used to repair an oversized pst file. But all such tool only repairs your corrupted pst file but what happens about your large .pst file. To resolve this problem you would have to split pst file any how so that the .pst file can be divided into different .pst file. To perform this task a third party PST file splitter tool is required.

PST file splitter tool splits your .pst file into several .pst files. All these files are accessed through MS Outlook. This tool has the most advanced and easy application to split the large pst file safely. After splitting the file you can save more other information on the Outlook application. This software is capable to repair the Outlook error also. This software can easily solve the question of how to repair an oversized pst file. It is compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000.