Get rid of ‘Inbox repair tool an error has occurred’ error

While using Outlook application you would have to face difficulties in accessing the PST files. Due to some of the reasons like power failure, closing application improperly and many outlook errors become the cause of Outlook error. The error can be resolved using built-in utility of Outlook. The minor corruption in Outlook application can be resolved with this application. However in most of the time PST corruption issue can not be resolved through Inbox repair tool and prompts an error message on the screen:

“Inbox Repair Tool: An error has occurred”

After having the above error message the inbuilt tool not be able to access the storage files and it will generate aforesaid error message time and again. As a result the files are present in the storage table can’t be accessed and users have to face data loss condition. There might be different reasons of this behavior of Outlook. Most of the time Inbox Repair tool fails in the situation when PST file exceeds the size of 2GB. In this condition Inbox repair tool fails to repair the PST file. The second reason might be the corruption from header of the PST file. It might be the cause of failure of inbuilt tool.

If you are experiencing same kind of problem with your Outlook application then you can choose the manual methods to fix ‘Inbox Repair Tool: An error has occurred’ error. Before going to precede the manual process you should create a backup of the PST file. If the oversized pst file is the reason of such condition of PST file then you can use a third party tool to split large PST file. This tool split large PST file into several smaller individual PST file.

Split PST tool is specially designed to divide oversized Outlook files into smaller files. This tool uses advanced splitting algorithm to make the files into different PST files. It will fix ‘Inbox Repair Tool: An error has occurred’ error without getting any problem. The software splits PST files created using Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2003, and 2002 and 2000. You can also create a batch file to split oversized pst file.