Managing Outlook PST file size in IMO mode!

Microsoft Outlook is an application which is used as the management of personal information which includes the email, notes, contacts, calendars, journals, tasks, messages etc. The outlook features an Internet mail only (IMO) mode which is used to support the accounts like POP3, HTTP, and IMAP. In this IMO mode, outlook use the personal storage table file to store the local copies of all personal information. The different versions of outlook use the different size of PST file, the PST can be limited to different size limits. The Outlook 2003 and 2007 use default size limit which is 20 GB but the other versions have the size limitation of 2 GB. Thus, the outlook users are advised to manage the outlook PST file on timely basis otherwise it can cause the corruption of file for which the only solution is split PST file.

An outlook PST file which is used in the IMO mode can behave unexpectedly and can cause the different issues, such as:

  • Slow performance of outlook
  • The application will take considerable time to load
  • While switch between the folders, outlook hangs momentarily.
  • While importing or transferring a large sized PST file, the users can face certain issues because the large sized files are susceptible to corruption as compared to the small sized PST file.

The different solutions for the different above issues are as follows: The users of outlook using the IMO mode needs to manage the PST file size regularly or the user can follow some basic solutions to reduce the oversize of file:

  • by deleting undesired or unnecessary email as soon as possible
  • Compact the PST database file and deleting the messages will have no impact on the PST file size.
  • Archive the PST file, archive the PST file on the basis of the old emails or on the basis of the sender’s email IDs.

If the user is still facing the issues related to corruption or deletion of data then now the user should use the third party application name as the Split PST software. It is easy to use application which can easily and safely use to split large sized PST file into small size PST file. It use the effective and safe process and divide the file into smaller pst files by creating the new files and leaving the original file as it was. The software has the user friendly interface which helps the users to complete the process without any hurdle and in just some simple.

The split PST software is an advanced utility which can split outlook data file on the basis of the email ID and messages data. It is easily compatible with the Ms Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000 and can easily split the file which can directly imported into outlook.