How to fix Outlook error- 0x8004011

Since, Microsoft outlook is one of the most famous and friendly email client built, that is why today millions of user choose outlook for reading and writing their emails and other information. Outlook provides a great number of features that are very rare to find in other these kinds of software available in the market and that are why it’s very popular too. But, Microsoft outlook also shows some errors due to some reason that occurs in the outlook. Most of the errors that are seen in outlook come because of PST corruption. PST stands for personal storage table which is considered as the most important part of Microsoft outlook. This is a type of structured file responsible for storing a user’s data safely and securely. But, sometimes it has been due to some of its limited capabilities, it can undergo PST corruption.

The most common reason for PST corruption is large size PST files. In such cases, a user can encounter many different errors and one such is – “Outlook .pst cannot be accessed - 0x8004011”. The reason behind why a user gets Outlook error-0x8004011 is because of having a very big size PST files. Microsoft Outlook PST files have a limited amount of storage capability and if a user’s data exceeds more than that, he/she may get these kinds of critical errors. In outlook 2003 the limit refers to 2GB storage, while in outlook 2007 the limit is increased to 20 GB and in Outlook 2010 it is about 50GB. Now, in all the cases the possibility of getting error after reaching the limit is same. However, there are various tools that you can use to repair the corrupted PST files easily but one of the most efficient techniques being used these days to prevent the large size PST file from getting into the corruption is simply splitting it into a number of small pieces.

This is safe and can be effectively done with the help of software called PST splitter. It is a very advanced tool and can be used to split a large size PST file into several small pieces based upon email, date and many other categories. This helps PST files to get full and prevents chances of getting Outlook error-0x8004011.