Fix Outlook Error Code 10 with Easy Steps

Outlook is famous for it’s widely services for mail receiving and sending. This application mainly works as a manager which manages your daily routine. It stores all your important files and in one of the PST file. This PST (Personal storage Table) file stores your contacts, emails, journals, appointments and many other important messages related to your daily routine. But when Outlook corrupts then all these data become inaccessible or damaged. Outlook error code 10 is one of the common error occurs when PST file gets damaged.

Sometimes when you try to access the Outlook file you will experience that Outlook is running slow and prompts different error messages on the computer screen. Outlook error code 10 is one of the very annoying which can stop your computer from working correctly. This type of error generally occurs when the Outlook is configured incorrectly, When the Outlook size crossed its limit or when Outlook is unable to connect the proxy server as a result you will get the following error messages:

“Outlook is unable to connect to the proxy server. Error code 10…”

There may be various reasons become the cause of the above error, some of them are:

  • Problematic Outlook profile
  • Corrupted Outlook installation
  • Damaged Windows profile
  • System specific problems
  • System specific problems
  • Damaged Outlook PST file

The above mentioned causes are common that occur with many of the Outlook users and cause such Outlook error. In order to fix Outlook error code 10 you can reinstall the Microsoft Outlook. But it is the perfect answer for the saved data. What happens with that? So you need to repair the damaged Outlook file any how. To repair the Outlook you can use Inbox repair tool. But in this case this inbuilt tool may fail to repair your files. You will have to use third party repair option in last.

Split PST file software can be used for this. This software repairs the damaged PST file and fix Outlook error code 10 easily. This software is rich with interactive graphics that helps you in repairing the Outlook file. Easily browse the corrupted file and scans with this tool and get your Outlook as earlier. It can also be used when you have to reduce the size of the pst. It can divide the PST file into many PST files. So start using this interactive Outlook repair software and make your Outlook healthy.