Appropriate Method To Fix Microsoft Outlook 2007 Stop Responding Issue

Microsoft outlook 2007 is a new version of outlook application. The new version of outlook contains more feature and functionality compared to the older version. It is more reliable as well as safe and secure. But the main problem is that sometimes outlook 2007 stops responding. It happens when outlook users try to read e-mails messages, move e-mails messages, delete e-mails message etc. Apart from this outlook stop responding during synchronization or during mail delivery process. Many outlook users encounters this issue and want to fix it as soon as possible. There are several reasons due to which outlook 2007 stops responding. Some of the main and possible causes are written below.


Causes of outlook 2007 stop responding issue:

  • If the size of .pst file approaches 4GB then these types of problem takes place

  • The frequency of writing data to the hard disk increases as the number of items in the .pst files

  • Installed add-ons may also causes this problem

  • It may be caused due to over-sized pst file

  • The outlook pst file is corrupted or damaged

How to troubleshoot outlook 2007 stop responding issue:

If you want to fix this issue then take a look here. First of all launch the outlook 2007 from the command line with the /safe parameter to load it without add-ins. If this step work then disable the add-ons may resolve outlook 2007 responding issue. In-case if this steps fails to work then try to decrease the size of the pst file. To do so deleted unused and useless emails, empty the sent mail box, deleted items.

Now try to split the large .pst file into several smaller .pst files. It true that Microsoft outlook 2007 has not any in-built utility by which you can split the pst file but you can take help of archive feature to move items into new .pst file. Therefore use the archive feature and move the .pst file data to new .pst file. It may also resolve outlook 2007 stop responding issue.

Apart from this, you can also take help third party split pst tool to split the pst file. By the help of this tool you can easily split the pst file into several small .pst file which will solve outlook 2007 stop responding issue.