To solve the large PST issues on share network!

Microsoft Outlook is an application which is used to manage the personal information which personal information includes emails, messages, contacts, journals, tasks, notes etc. the application use the PST file format to save all these personal information. The outlook PST files are either of ANSI or Unicode formatted. The ANSI format has the size limit of 2 GB and the UNICODE format has the size limit of 20 GB. Using any of the formats, a large size PST is always a prone to issues the problems, the problem may be slow performance, file corruption, and other similar problem.

Each email receive by the user Microsoft outlook gets piled up and adds to the existing size of the PST file either it was of ANSI or Unicode, thus the file are found to be less susceptible to corruption. Due to all these reasons, the outlook users frequently employs to using the software which help them to manage the size of the Outlook PST file. Being one of the most common and effective software to manage the PST file, the users use the PST splitter software. Large size PST file is always a topic of issue between the outlook users. An outlook PST file is always stored on a network drive with multi user access which has the chance to grow more quickly. As a result when more and more emails are stored in the PST file on a daily basis, the file grows to the considerable size which causes the slow performance of the outlook to access in any file and to load any file. Sometimes, it also shows some abrupt symptoms on the screen. So, such situation requires the split PST file software which can help the user to manage the file size.

To store any PST file on any shared network is not recommended by the Microsoft. The file stored in the network can easily get corrupted. To solve and manage the file size problem in the network drive, the user should move the file to a local computer and apply one of the steps mentioned below:

  • Delete the unusual emails and make empty the deleted item folder and the compact the PST.
  • Create a new PST file and imports the emails to new file to reduce the size of original file.
  • Use the PST splitter software which is designed to split the large size PST file into small size PST file from the original file with the valid content and format.

TThe PST splitter software is one of the safest options of software which is designed to split the large PST file into small PST file. It splits the PST file without modifying or changing the original PST file. It is a very effective and reliable utility with the attractive user friendly interface which helps the user to easily operate the software. The software is compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007.