Best way to solve When Outlook stops to receive e-mails!

Microsoft Outlook creates a PST file to save the copies of calendar entries, emails, contacts, appointments, notes and other similar data. Outlook 2002 and its prior version have a default file size limitation for .pst files. The limitation was 2GB and if it exceeds it goes to a corruption. But today the later version of come with a UNICODE format for PST and it sets the size limit to 20GB. Hence these files are less prone to the corruption.

The best practice to solve the issue of oversized PST files is to upgrade your PST files. If your PST is oversized then you can notice that your Outlook is performing slowly. To sole this issue some of you might have deleted your unwanted emails or archived the files. But this is not the advance way to solve your problem. At such a situation you PST split tool to split your oversized PST files into small .pst files.

Sometimes you might have noticed that when you send or receive an email item in the outlook. At this point your outlook merely refuses to perform the specific email operation without any notification of the error. This problem is simply encountered when you use earlier version of Outlook 2002.

When your PST files reach to more than 2GB files then the chances for the corruption comes to nearer. Thus to prevent the issue from occurring the Outlook files should have a size limit to approximately 1.82 GB which is simply less than 2GB with a new feature. The error with emails in PST files occurs when it get an oversized issue.

When Outlook doesn’t receive or send emails you can delete the extra ad unwanted email items from all outlook folders. Compressing the .pst file ca also helps to remove the waste space. You can also create a new .pst files and move the email items to reduce the overall size of the original PST. You can also use PST split software tool as there is various PST split tools available today. Such tools provide you an interactive design and safe mechanism for the split PST. This application splits your oversized PST files into small .pst files.