To resolve This .PST is too large, delete message error in Outlook!

The Microsoft Outlook is an application which works as the management of personal information such as emails, contacts, journals, tasks, messages, calendars, appointments and other similar data. The application creates a PST file to save to save the copies of emails and other personal information. The more and more uses of Microsoft Outlook, the more and more data is added to the PST file which increase or oversize the PST file as its size grows accordingly. The size limitation of a PST file is 2 GB. So, the user of Microsoft Outlook needs to keep a regular check on the size of PST file to prevent it from exceeding 2GB size limit. If the file size will grow to more than 2GB, then the file will becomes accessible and encounters an error message. To overcome such situation and to access the PST file data, the users are recommended to split the PST file by using the advanced Split PST file application.

While accessing the large or oversize PST file, the application does not allow accessing the file. It encounters the below error messages while attempting to access a PST file:
                  "This .PST is too large, delete messages"  
This error message will pop up on the screen and the data saved in the PST file will become inaccessible. This error message will continuously pop up in the screen when the user will try to access the oversize PST file. The main cause of the occurrence of this error message is only the exceeding size of the PST file. The PST file of more than 2 GB is not supported by Microsoft Outlook which uses the ANSI file format. So, to get rid of the error message and to access the data saved PST file, the one of the best option is to divide the PST file into small parts and which can be done through the software named as the Split PST file.

The split PST file is an advanced splitting mechanism which is used to split large size PST file into small size PST file. It can easily performs the splitting process for the data file along with all its email folders and properties which include inbox, sent, drafts, deleted items, to, cc, bcc, and attachments, sent and outbox for the better management of the Outlook. The large size PST files cause the slow performance and also lower the speed of Microsoft Outlook which can cause corruption. When the Outlook users use the split software, it increases the speed of Outlook and ensures a better performance of outlook which prevents the PST files from corruption.

The Split PST software is built with intuitive and interactive user friendly interface for the novice and non technician user to easily operate the software without any prior technical skills and with easy to understand and implement technology. It can easily split a huge file into unlimited PST file without doing any corruption or damaging of the original file. The software helps for the better performance and management of the PST files for the Microsoft Outlook 2010 and helps the user to easily continue working without any hassle.