To solve PST file size issues in IMAP account!

Microsoft Outlook is an application which is used as the management of personal information. The personal information which includes the emails, messages, contacts, journals, tasks, calendars, etc. Usually the versions of Outlook use the ANSI and Unicode file format to store their data in PST file. The size limitation of ANSI file format is 2GB and Unicode file format is above 2GB. Microsoft Outlook 2007 and Microsoft Outlook 2003 impose a larger file size limit due to which it use the Unicode file format for storing its personal folders. The PST files and folders in Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 can store more messages and data as compared to the other versions of Outlook using the American national standards Institute (ANSI) file formats.

But, the IMAP (internet message access protocol) account and HTTP accounts in Outlook 2003 still use the ANSI file format PST file to store its data and thus it has also same size limitation which is 2GB. The 2GB file size always cause the same file size issues which is caused in other versions of Outlook using the ANSI file format. Consequently, the users of Outlook 2003 need the more management techniques to keep their PST files in size to avoid any corruption or error messages and to easily access through their files. To avoid the increasing size and file size issues in IMAP account of an Outlook 2003, one of the best remedy is to split the PST file through the Split PST software.

The continuously receiving of the large number of emails, the PST file size grows to the considerable file size value. Later on it will start affecting on the performance on the Outlook which will cause some issues such as slow performance of the Outlook, delays in receiving and sending emails and other Outlook issues. These all corruption takes place due to the large file size. So, the users should understand the size limitation of the IMAP account used in the Outlook 2003 and can get corrupted beyond this limitation. With the continuous receiving of emails and using the Outlook, the user should also take care about the size limitation and make a regular deletion of the unwanted emails, contacts, messages and empty the deleted items folder. Along with this, the users can use the split PST software.

The split PST software is a commercial application which is used to split and divide the large PST file into several smaller parts to avoid corruption. It will help to ensure the better performance of the Outlook. It has the user friendly interface and advanced options which helps the users to easily operate the software without any prior knowledge. The split PST software is a very safe utility to split the PST file on the basis of email ID and date. It can split the file without taking any risk of data loss and overwritten the original file. It is easily compatible with the Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2002.