Split 4GB PST files for fast respond!

MS Outlook is widely and most prominently used management application for emails, contact management, messaging, data management etc. The PST files are designed to store contacts, emails, calendars, emails and many more. This is such a storage location where the users store the data. If the size o the PST files increases more than the specified size of PST file then you get that Outlook respond slowly and chances of corruption in PST file increases. In this way Outlook application comes at situation to loss the stored data.

You have seen that Outlook 2002 or earlier version has 2GB limits and when the PST files get oversized then MS Outlook responds slowly. It makes a problem in receiving and sending emails. Outlook 2003 and later version has no such limitations of 2GB but the problem of oversize is still remaining. You can easily store the data more than 2GB because it has Unicode format. But if you exceed 4GB it starts behaving like Outlook 2002 or earlier version and the Outlook file responds slowly. In this situation you can loss your Outlook data and to fix the problem you need to decrease the size of PST files.

In order to maintain the speed and operability of PST files you need to split 4GB PST file. Microsoft Outlook will easily and sincerely operate on the smaller files. To cut Outlook PST files you can use third party software which is suitable for split 4GB PST files. It cuts Outlook PST files into two smaller files. After splitting 4 GB PST files the Outlook responds fast.

The Split 4GB PST files work on both Unicode PST and ANSI PST and deliver the fast usable PST files. After splitting you can import the PST files to use it. The entire metadata of the documents in the PST files are unbroken and goes with the splitted PST files. Choose a professional tool to split 4GB PST files.