Split Outlook 2007-Break Large Size PST file

In Outlook Personal Storage Table (PST) is the main repository to store all your significant data. Sometime you will experience that your Outlook is not responding as earlier and it is being stop in some of the general processes like sending or receiving message, reading emails etc. Due to such erratic behavior of Outlook it may crash and as a result Outlook pst file gets inaccessible. This situation shows the data loss situation and you are required to split Outlook 2007.

It usually happens when Outlook account grows older with the passing of time. Most probably large size PST file is the major cause of this behavior of Outlook. In this case Outlook starts operating sluggish after the PST file comes under the 2GB. The size of PST file differs in different Outlook version. In some Outlook version pst file size is 4GB. By default in Outlook 2007 the maximum storage size of the pst file is configured to 20GB. You can also configure the PST size according to your storage requirements. That is the main cause of Outlook 2007 corruption. To resolve this situation you must have to split Outlook 2007.

Some of the common reasons of large size pst file are:

  • Due to bulky files of pst speed of Outlook get affected. It is really annoying and time wasting for you.
  • In earlier Outlook (Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003) pst file size is set to 2GB. If size goes beyond this limit then MS Outlook gets corrupted and you may loose your saved data.
  • Management of huge size pst file is difficult.

In order to fix this behavior of Outlook or to resolve corrupt pst file you should repair pst file. You can archive your PST file. But it is not the sufficient way to secure Outlook 2007 pst file. Split PST file software is the best option in this regard. It split Outlook 2007 in simple way and manages huge pst file very easily. Using this software you can split large sized files into several smaller parts or multiple pst file. Using this software you can split pst file in few easy steps.