Split PST for professional and personal E-mail IDs!

Microsoft Outlook is an application which is used as the management of personal information. It is also known as the great e-mail client which used by the users to send and receive the emails for both the professional and personal purposes. Later on its data file which is PST gets pilled up with the thousand of send and received emails from the different category of users. These emails may be important in the business point of view or may be entertaining from the friends and family members. Currently, there is no automated utility in Microsoft which might helps the users to extract required emails. Hence, the users need the split PST on the basis of required email IDs.

For more clarification for the outlook users, In Microsoft Outlook- the user configures an account for the different purpose. The local storage file of outlook is PST (Personal storage table) in which all the send and received emails are stored in the same file either it is personal or professional emails. These emails are managed properly that it is practically impossible to separate with each other and then archive them in a different PST file. In such a situation, the user requires to slice the PST file in a manner that the PST file contains only send and received emails from professional email IDs. The user can’t delete the personal emails as they may be important in any case or require them for the other purpose.

To resolve the above situation, an outlook user can either archive the PST file or use the PST splitter. But the archive of file is not possible when the size of the PST file is large with the hundreds or personal and professional email IDs. Now, there is only one best option that is to the use the PST splitter as the third party application. The PST splitter is the software which has the ability to split the large size PST file into small size PST file. It has been verified as the software which can split the file on the basis of email ID and comes in the list of very few utilities which support this feature. It can separately split the professional and personal emails IDs.

The PST splitter tool supports Microsoft outlook 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000 and allow the outlook users to select the required email ID for splitting the file. The software has the user friendly interface which helps the user to easily handle the software without any hurdle or hassle for both novice and professional users.