Split PST now support Outlook 2010!

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager from the Microsoft which is used by the hundreds of users. It is mainly used as the email application which is used to manage the calendars, task, contacts, email messages, notes, and journals, web browsing etc. It is standalone application which can store number of PST files with better performance. But having the ineffective management of large size PST file makes the Microsoft Outlook run slow which cause the corruption of Outlook files. To get rid from this problem, the users use the split PST file software to split the large file into the small file.

The split PST software is supportive to all the users of Outlook 97, 2000, 2002, 2003, and 2007 in splitting the large size of PST file. But the users of Outlook 2010 have to still face the problem of PST corruption due to large size of PST file because the split PST software does not support the Outlook 2010. It was very difficult for the Outlook 2010 user to manage the PST file. Therefore, the technology extends the range of the software and adds some advanced features to software which results that the Outlook 2010 users can also use this software to split the large size PST file into small size PST file. The user can run the software to perform the PST split process quickly and safely.

Now, the Outlook 2010 users can easily performs the splitting process for the data file along with all its email folders and properties which include inbox, sent, drafts, deleted items, to, cc, bcc, and attachments, sent and outbox for the better management of the Outlook 2010. The split PST file software now supports the Outlook 2010 which means the Outlook 2010 user can now use this split PST software to Split Outlook PST files. It is extensively used software uses by the large number of users across the several continents to break the large PST into small parts. The large size of PST files causes the slow performance and lowers the speed of Outlook which can cause corruption. When the user uses this software, it increases the speed of Outlook and ensures a better performance which prevents the files from corruption.

The split PST software has the intuitive user friendly interface through which any novice or non technician user can easily handle the software without any prior knowledge of software. It can easily split a huge file into unlimited PST file without doing any corruption or damaging of the original file. The software helps for the better performance and management of the PST files for the Microsoft Outlook 2010 and helps the user to easily continue working without any hassle.