Split Outlook utility supports latest version of Windows 7 OS!

The Microsoft Outlook is a management of personal information which is widely used by the business users. It is mainly used by users as an email application which includes the storage of calendars, task, manager, contact, notes, journals and web browsing. Due to the slow performance of the Outlook, the user used the split PST Utility to divide the large size PST file into small size PST file. The corruption or slow performance mainly occur due to the large size pf PST file so the user use the split PST utility which helps to ensure the better performance of the Outlook and the management of the Outlook.

Earlier the software was only compatible with the Windows 98, ME, 2000, 2003, XP, and Vista. Windows 7 is the latest version of Windows operating system which reached to the user in the month of October 2009. With the introduction of the latest version of Windows 7, the technology has also introduced the latest version of split PST file which will be easily compatible with the Windows 7. The split PST utility is widely used to break the PST file of large size into the smaller parts of PST file. This software is very easy to use which helps to reduce the size of PST file which helps in increasing the speed of Outlook and in preventing the Corruption of Outlook.

The latest version of Split PST utility has now made to compatible with Windows 7 also along with the other versions of Windows operating system. Now the user of latest version of Windows 7 can also utilize the software to easily divide the PST file which will help them to perform the Outlook with better performance and highly management of files. The software offers the intuitive user friendly interface which helps the novice or non technician users to easily handle the software without any prior knowledge of computer or software.

The Split Outlook utility is most effective and reliable software which completes all its process in just few minutes without damaging or corrupting the original file of the Outlook. The Outlook PST Splits is a non destructive application which ensures the absolute safety of the original Outlook PST files by saving the divided PST files into a new specified location.