How to reduce the size of the bloated PST file?

The Microsoft outlook is a management application which is used to manage personal information of the Outlook. It is widely used by the business users as an email application which includes the calendars, task, manager, contact, notes, journals and we browsing. The Outlook use the PST (personal storage table) file to store the copies of messages, calendars etc. the PST file have the storage capacity up to 2GB. The size of the PST file expands or oversize dramatically due to the growth of personal information or communication. The size of PST file also reduce due to the email receive and send in MS outlook which keeps on expanding the size. The huge size of PST file makes the slow performance of the outlook and also makes susceptible to corruption of the PST file. So, the outlook user needs software named as the split PST.

A PST file is mostly corrupted when it is in the ANSI format because the size imitation of the ANSI format is 2 GB. When the size of the file is reduce to above 2GB then, the file cause corruption and shows some error messages. To decrease the file size, the users mainly go for the deleting the undesired items and compacting the file. But one of the best options to decrease the size of the Outlook PST file and to get back the corrupted file is splitting by the split PST tool. The split PST tool is the most effective way to reduce the file size. It is software which is designed to split the large size PST file into small size PST file without causing any risk of the data loss from the original file. It is very safe to use with the read only algorithms and can work for the any size of the Outlook PST.

Suppose that the user of Outlook suddenly encounters the bloated PST file because of some expected event. The user had some contact folders with some contact sub folders and further he/she want to installed the contact form and configured as the default for the rest of the contact folders. When the users try to add the contact to the contact folders, it shows some error message because the file size of the Outlook PST has grew to a great extent. The large file size of contacts can cause the problems in the code which is used to copying the contacts to the contact folders of the Outlook PST.

The users can reduce the file size by using the split PST or by following some of the measures such as:

  • By deleting the unnecessary emails, contacts.
  • Compact the file after deleting the unnecessary files
  • Create a new file and move some of the item to the new file.
  • Use the split PST software to divide the large PST file.