Split Archive PST File Of Outlook Application : When PST File Is Too Big

Do you want to know how to split archive pst file when pst is too big? If yes then take a look here.Microsoft Outlook application stores all data in a PST file in .pst file format. PST file stands for Personal Storage Table. PST file plays very important role in Microsoft outlook application because it is the storage entity of Outlook. Your all data's such as email messages, contacts, items, notes are saved in the PST file in .pst file format. Outlook 2002 and earlier version of outlook application pst files are in ANSI format. Therefore, the maximum file size of the pst file is 2GB.

Due to which when size of the pst file increases then the pst file gets corrupted and damaged. Due to which all data which is stored in it becomes inaccessible. Therefore, to be safe from this type of problem outlook users archive their emails and other data.


Archiving solves the problem but the main problem is that people unable to find their data when size of the archive pst file is big or huge. Therefore, it is advised to split archive pst file when pst is too big. Splitting the pst file or archive pst files makes it easy to find out the required document.

Know how to split archive pst file when pst is too big:

It is absolutely true that splitting the pst file is good option to keep safe outlook application from crash as well as from data loss. User can split the pst file according to years or according to date. Apart from this you can also split the archive pst file by size, by folder etc.

Microsoft does not provide any tool by which you can split the archive pst file. But do not panic!! by the help of third party split pst file software you can easily split large or big archive pst file. Therefore, split archive pst file when pst is too big by the help of utility.