How to Split Outlook PST file 2010?

PST file is the single storage area used to store all your significant data in MS Outlook application. While performing some general process like sending or receiving mails, moving an email from one folder to another folder or deleting some files, you will get problems and the Outlook 2010 stops responding. Sometimes when you go to read contents of the email then Outlook pops up error message and stop your action. This critical behavior of Outlook leads the application crash situation as a result your Outlook becomes inaccessible. One of the most reasonable causes of this behavior of Outlook is large size of the PST file. To get rid of this situation you will have to perform split outlook pst file 2010 process.

If you are using your Outlook from the long time then your Outlook account becomes older and the number of saved files becomes more. This problem generally occurs with the passing of time and outlook becomes oversized. Either you are using Outlook 2010 or 2003 this problem comes with Outlook. As like the Outlook 2007 the Outlook 2010 PST file is configured limit of 50 GB. But Outlook users are still getting problem with the size of the PST file because of the widely uses of the Outlook pst file.

If you are experiencing that your system is running slow then that is the indication that your Outlook is getting problem in saving the files. When the memory of the using PST file gets large then you need to increase the pst file to resolve the problems associated with large PST file. To increase the PST file size you can perform the below steps:

  • You can delete undesired emails or empty the Deleted Items folder and compact the pst file.
  • Using the Outlook features you can archive your PST file by moving the old emails to the different PST.

If the above steps don’t work and Outlook still running slow then you can split Outlook pst file 2010 easily by using third party utility. For this you can use the Split PST software. This is the safe and effective way to increase the size of the pst file. This software contains the advanced utility which splits large pst file by date, contacts, appointments etc. It supports MS Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000 effectively. It helps you in dividing the large pst into small pst files without affecting the original pst file. So get help of this software and split pst file without any hassle.