Know How To Split PST File In Outlook 2007

Microsoft outlook 2007 stores all data in PST file in .pst file format. There is a file size limitation of the pst file. The earlier version of Microsoft outlook application such as outlook 2000 and 2003 has 2GB limit size of the pst file. But the size of pst file in outlook 2007 is larger than the earlier version or 2GB. By default the PST file size of Microsoft outlook 2007 is configured to 20GB (Gigabyte). The main benefit of using outlook 2007 is that you can set the pst file size according to your storage demand. But the main problem is that when the pst file size increases more than the 4GB then outlook application starts freezing, hanging and sometimes stop responding. To get rid of these problems you need to split the pst file. Here you will know how to Split PST file in Outlook 2007.


Problems related to larger PST file size in Outlook 2007:

  • Microsoft Outlook 2007 starts freezing

  • Sometimes outlook 2007 programs stops responding temporarily

  • Unable to send or receive e-mail messages

  • Outlook PST file as well as all data becomes inaccessible

How to split pst file in outlook 2007:

You can solve the problems of large pst file manually. To do this you need to perform some steps which is advised here. First of all try to reduce the size of the mailbox. Therefore, delete all useless mails from the inbox, empty the deleted items folder. It is true that Microsoft outlook 2007 has not any in-built utility by which you can split the .pst file. Therefore try below written steps.

You can use the archive feature to move items to new pst file. Open outlook 2007 and select the pst file which you want move and click on the file menu, after that click “Archive”. Now you have to select the “archive this folder and all sub-folder” option in the Archive dialog box and then click the folder from the list. Now in the “archive items older than” drop-down box click a data and after that click the browse button to set the path and file name of the new PST file and click on the OK button. Apart from this you can also move all data and files to another pst file. These are the steps by which you can get rid of large pst file size problem.

If you are unable to perform these steps then the best solution to split PST file in Outlook 2007 is to take help of third party split pst file utility. This software is specially made to split the file in multiple file. It is easy to use. Therefore, you can split the .pst file size of outlook 2007 using this tool.