Stellar phoenix PST files splitter: solves oversized issue!

The oversized PST files create several performance issues for the Outlook. In such a situation the files are more prone to have a corruption because of the file size issue. At this situation Microsoft Outlook reveals unusual behavior and momentarily stops responding. You need to use stellar phoenix PST files splitter at such a situation. It is powerful software which is used to fix the corruption of the oversized PST files.

While you try to access your oversized Outlook you sometimes encounter the error messages such as “the messaging interface has returned an unknown error message. If problem persist start Outlook again”. Such an unwanted error message leads down you in a severe problem of inaccessible Outlook.

This error typical displays when you generally check your emails messages, delete or create an error messages, send a fax or delete calendar entry. You can notice ere that these operations fail when you encounter such an unwanted error messages.

There can be various causes behind the occurrence of such an error messages. But the main cause is the size issue. If the size of your PST files exceeds from its limitation then you can encounter such an error message. Here you need a perfect splitter to split your PST files. The Stellar phoenix PST files splitter is one of the ideal slitter of the oversized PST files which cuts PST files into the small sized pst files and make your Outlook respond well.

This software is based on fast scanning algorithm to split the large or oversized PST files in smaller PST file size. Stellar phoenix PST files splitter ensures safe split of PST files by saving them on a new user specified destination. You need to import the new PST files in the Microsoft Outlook in order to view the component of the new PST file.

You can download stellar phoenix PST file splitter software for a trail version in order to make sure the software works to fix the error of your oversized PST files. If you get satisfied with the trial version then you can buy the software for splitting your large PST files.