Proper Methods To Resolve An Unknown Error Has Occurred 0x80040600

Are you getting “An unknown error has occurred. 0X80040600” error message while working with your Microsoft outlook application? If yes then, take a look here. Here you will get all information as well as solution on this problem and error. This error message generally comes on the computer screen when Microsoft outlook user try to read e-mail which is available in the inbox. Apart from this sometimes “an unknown error has occurred. 0X80040600” takes when outlook user try to send or receives emails. Apart from this sometimes this error message takes place when user try to delete email messages.


But do not panic!! you can easily get rid of this issue. But before fixing this issue have a look on the main causes of this error. Several reason behind this issue. Some of the main causes are stated below:

  • Setting of Microsoft outlook application is configured incorrectly

  • More than one user is accessing the same account from different-different computer

  • Outlook pst file has been corrupted or damaged

  • Outlook emails is infected by virus, Trojan or spyware etc

These are some reasons which are responsible for an unknown error has occurred. 0X80040600 error of Microsoft outlook application. Now the main question is that how to resolve this issue. If you want to get rid of this error then have a look below.

Method to resolve an unknown error has occurred. 0X80040600:

To fix this issue you need to perform some steps which is advised here. If many user accessing your outlook email account then close all. If this error is caused due to virus or Trojan infection then scan your computer with a powerful Anti-virus program and remove infected emails from the inbox. In-case if an unknown error has occurred. 0x80040600 error is caused due to corrupted or damaged pst file then you need to take help of inbox repair tool which is also known as scanpst.exe.

Therefore, open scanpst.exe utility from it's default location and repair the corrupted or damaged pst file. May this step resolve an unknown error has occurred. 0X80040600 error of outlook application.